We have created Delightful Quick and Easy for those days that you just don’t whant to do your meal preparation yourself.  Here we offer no fancy food, just good and tasty everyday, homecooked meals.  Our Quick and Easy meals have been created to be meals that freeze well,  they are either partly or completely cooked, and we deliver to your doorstep frozen in oven-ready containers complete with cooking instructions.  Select your portion size to serve 4, 8 or 12 people. 

Quick and Easy meals need to be ordered three working days prior to the date that you require delivery of the meal (this excludes Saturdays and Sundays as ordering days).  All you need to do is make sure you stock your freezer with Delightful Quick and Easy meals and remember to switch on your oven when you are ready to prepare the meal.

Main meals:

Mild and Fragrant Bobotie
Served with yellow rice infused with raisons

One pot extra lean minced meat dish
With minestrone vegetables, creamy mushrooms and white rice

Mild Curry pot
Extra lean mince meat with a mild curry seasoning, diced carrots and potatoes
Served with steamed white rice

Lamb stew
With diced bacon, baby onions and potatoes, small carrots, tender peas and parsley
Served with steamed white rice

Chicken Paella
With diced bacon, peas and white rice

Spanish Chicken
Skinless chicken pieces on a bed of sliced potatos, carrots and onions covered and baked in a mayonnais, chutney and tomato sauce
Served with steamed white rice

Chutney Baked  Chicken
Skinless chicken pieces cooked in a chutney, brown onion and mayonnaise sauce
Served with steamed white rice

Delicious Chicken pie
Tender pieces of chicken with mushrooms, diced bacon, grated carrots and onions in a creamy sauce covered with flaky puff pastry
Served with steamed white rice

Chicken A-la-King
Tender chicken pieces with flaked almonds in a fragrant creamy mushroom, sherry and nutmeg sauce
Served with steamed white rice

Chicken Stew
Tender chicken pieces with mushrooms, sweet pepper, onion and peas in a mild and fragrant curry and ginger sauce
Served with steamed white rice

Decadent Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni pasta and diced bacon in a cheddar cheese

Sheets of lasagne pasta layered with a fragrant meaty béchamel white sauce

Pasta bows
With mozzarella cheese, diced bacon, Italian parsley and peas and a delicious cream sauce

Tuna Pasta bake
Pasta shells with Tuna in a creamy mushroom sauce with onions and grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese

On the sweet side:
(Just add your own custard, cream or ice cream)

Delicious malva pudding

Baked apple crumble pudding with raison and cinnamon

Baked apple pudding without crust drizzled with caramel sauce

Baked self-saucing chocolate pudding

Delicious sago pudding

Baked lemon pudding

Baked date and pecan nut pudding with caramel sauce

Baked pudding with honey and peaches

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